Adding Funds to Cougar CASH

Your Cougar CASH is a debit account, not a credit account. When you deposit money into your Cougar CASH account, it becomes accessible through your CougarCard. As you make purchases using your card, the purchase amount is deducted from your Cougar CASH account.

Adding cash to Cougar CASH is easy


At the CougarCard Center conveniently located in CUB Room 60 Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm. The CougarCard Center accepts cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard.


Make real-time deposits conveniently day or night using your Visa or MasterCard with our online self service tools and have immediate use of your deposits. No convenience fees are charged when a credit card is used to deposit funds into a Cougar CASH account.

"GET" the APP!

Use the mobile GET app to deposit funds into your Cougar CASH and/or your RDA on your iPhone or Android device. Download the CBORD GET app through the APP Store and Google Play today!


Cash to card machines are located in the Hillside Café and Market, Northside Cafe and Market, Southside Café, Flix Café and Market, Towers Market and Compton Union Building (CUB).


Simply send a check or money order to:

CougarCard Center
CUB Room 60
Pullman, WA-99164-7204

Please include WSU ID number on your check.


WSU employees may have funds directly deposited into Cougar CASH from their paycheck. It’s easy and convenient to manage your payroll deduction on-line using our self-service tools at

Remember: Cougar CASH is NOT Your Residence Dining Account (RDA)