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What is Cougar CASH

Cougar CASH is the convenient, cashless way to pay for products and services at many WSU campus locations.

A prepaid debit account that's part of your CougarCard; Cougar CASH has you covered, from vending machines to The Bookie with whatever you need, whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Cougar CASH Features

  • Easy - No need to carry cash, checks, ATM and other cards.
  • Off Campus - Use it off campus at all your favorite places.
  • Money-Saving Specials - Cougar CASH customers realize significant savings at all Dining Services locations on campus. Please ask your Dining Services cashier for details.
  • Automatic - Balances roll over each term/year.
  • Debt Free - Not a credit card - no ugly debts. When you own, not owe.
  • Local - Parents feel comfortable making deposits knowing students can only spend locally on campus.
  • Safe - Was your CougarCard lost or stolen? No problem! Just go on-line 24 hours per day to deactivate your CougarCard. You can also notify the CougarCard Office during normal business hours and we'll deactivate your CougarCard for you.

You'll get a lot out of it...when you put something into it.  Deposit into Cougar CASH today!  

Some services on campus will only accept Cougar CASH as a form of payment. These include:

  • laptop rentals at the TechStore,
  • departmental lab supplies, and
  • printer/copiers located in the campus libraries.



Cougar CASH gets you significant savings from Dining Services. So forget about carrying cash, checks, ATM and other cards.

You've got Cougar CASH. You've got The Way to Pay.

Young man holding Cougar Card