Checking Account Fee Disclosure

You do not need this account to receive your Federal student aid.

Ask the financial aid office about other ways to receive your money. 

Monthly Maintenance Fee(1)


ATM Transactions (2)

$0-WSECU ATM's and Co-OP Network

Courtesy Pay/Returned NSF Fees (3)

$27 for each item

ATM Transaction means each withdrawal balance inquiry, denied transition, fund transfer or deposit. (Some TMS have limited functionality) $0 WSECU ATM's and Co-Op Network
WSECU Contact Center   $0 per call

The financial institution offering these checking accounts charges 22 other types of fees.

Here are some of them:

Wire Transfer Fee (5)
  • Incoming Domestic: $15
  • Incoming International: $25
  • Outgoing Domestic: $25
  • Outgoing International: $50
Overdraft Transfer Fee $2 per transfer from savings

Federally Insured by NCUA (6) 

All information applies to Student Checking accounts. 1.  All regular account opening procedures apply. A minimum savings account balance of $5 is required to open and maintain a WSECU membership.  WSECU will fund this saving balance requirement for student accounts.  WSECU will not charge a monthly $5 fee for the Balanced Checking on student accounts.  2.  No ATM Transaction fees are charged for transactions conducted at WSECU ATM’s.  Non WSECU ATM Owners may apply a surcharge unless they participate in the Co-op network.  To find WSECU or Co-op network ATMs, see our locator guide at WSECU Branch, Co-op Shared Branch and ATM Locations | WSECU 3.  There is a daily fee cap of no more than five (5) Courtesy Pay fees a day. If the account is less than $3.00 negative after the Courtesy Pay transaction posts, no fee will be charged. WSECU Balanced Checking is not eligible for Courtesy Pay. 4.  Applies to accounts that have been inactive for 15 months or more. Certain exceptions may apply.  5.  Additional fees may be deducted from the transfer amount by other institutions involved in the payment process.  6.  The National Credit Union Administration insures your savings, checking, and certificate accounts with WSECU up to $250,000 on individual accounts and up to $250,000 for Individual Retirement Accounts through the NCUA Share Insurance Fund. For additional information please visit

For a comprehensive list of account pricing, terms and policies, see the Consumer Savings Rate and Fee Schedule and the Consumer Account Agreement.  These documents can be obtained by contacting a WSECU branch or calling 800.562.0999.  Federally Insured by NCUA.